SAE AIR 4246

All fuel contaminants are supplied with a certificate of conformance. Each of the components can be supplied individually or we can supply the contaminants at the correct weight and mixed in the correct proportions for your applications, ensuring that all of the contaminant is present in the correct quantity for your test.
The list below summarises the most common fuel contaminants that we produce, however other contaminants can be made on request to suit your particular application. For example metallic contamination supplied to ISO 16232 size classifications.

SAE AIR 4246 A.1 – Arizona Contaminant
SAE AIR 4246 A.2 – Iron Oxide Fractions
SAE AIR 4246 A.3 – Cotton Linters
SAE AIR 4246 A.4 & A.5 – Crushed Quartz
SAE AIR 4246 A.6 & A.7 – Iron & Aluminum chips/filings
SAE AIR 4246 A.8 – Carbon Fibre Rods
SAE AIR 4246 A.9 – Graphite Epoxy Composite (GEC)
SAE AIR 4246 A.10 – Explosion Suppressant Foam (ESF)